Mary's Well-Worn Jack in the Box

Well, I believe in God but the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze.

Mary Jack
If you take time to read my blog & want to comment, please comment yourself instead of hand me off to someone else (or link to an article). I'll hear it best in your own gentle words. But consider that although you can "influence" me on my blog, "teaching" exceeds the role of a commenter.

Reading this blog demonstrates the content is worth reading. If you do not find this to be the case, don't read it any more. An amazingly simple cure. Periodically I have a hateful commentor -- I hope, and must presume, my friends know me well enough to recognize & dismiss bitter slander against me.

In general I believe one shouldn't write what shouldn't be read. Cuz writing, publicly or privately, solidifies those thoughts within the individual and then affects society through the individual. The public is, in theory, a balance for the individual, even while an individual is the balance for society. It's not ok to blindly rant. But it is good to be honest and make expression about the human condition we share, which is mostly what this journal is for.

I think shorthand can be alright, but if you're gunna blog you may as well be careful what you say so others won't misunderstand you. Having said that, this is still my journal & I'm bound to spit words on occasion.
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